Customer feedback

Phil - November 2017

Received my first order of pods last week, extremely pleased! Support with queries is also fantastic and kept me right when adding to the tank for the first time! Looking forward to future orders! 

Paul - November 2017

Savu pods have gone down a treat with my mini cichlids and the carambola lixo give the tank an extra little something.
Thank you!

Steve - November 2017

Love the leaf litter and botanicals. Also get great advice on starting a tint style aquarium. 

Clive - November 2017

Excellent products, friendly service and items well packed. I wish Blackwater UK every success. 

Kris - June 2017

The botanicals have given my setup that spark of nature and a natural feel to it's inhabitants, top products #tinttheuk

Lexy - May 2017

Super high quality botanicals, great price and a very quick delivery time. What's not to love? Ps the Palm Fronds are amazing and the fish love all the botanicals