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Highest quality botanicals


After the recent upsurge of using botanicals in aquariums mainly thanks to the American based company Tannin Aquatics. These outstanding products reached the shores of the UK in mid 2016. Since then, the scene has exploded with more and more people in the hobby embracing the 'tint'.

A commitment to the health of your aquarium and livestock


There has been lots written over the years about using leaves in aquariums for their benefits with fishes health. Using botanicals also improves your livestocks general behaviour with lots of fish almost reverting back to their wild state with characteristics that you simply do not see in a 'normal' setup.

100% Customer Satisfaction


We aim to provide the direct assistance with advice and the passion behind our products, we feel that the uniqueness of these items need more attention than just being available on a stores shelf. We advise you to consider and discuss your order if it's your first time using our products on our Facebook page. Preparation details.  https://tanninaquatics.com/pages/aquatic-botancial-preparation